About Astute Traveler

Welcome to Astute Traveler, a travel guide and blog designed to provide you the places you want to go, things you want to see and do. Simply stated, our goal is to offer the "best of" spots in each town featured. We have done the research; you go out and have a great visit.

For the many years I have traveled across North America for business and pleasure, I've been confronted with the challenge: "where do we go", "what do we do" and "where do we eat". To my amazement, I would spend hours and hours visiting multiple destination websites, 10 to 15 in some cases, trying to plan our trip. Even then I would end up with considerable disinformation. From that frustration the idea of Astute Traveler was born. Provide people a single place, they can trust, that houses "the top" selections of that a city has to offer.

We are not a travel transaction site. You cannot book flights, hotels or dinner reservations on our site (even though you can easily click through to such sites). We are not paid by anyone to choose one selection over another. Our selection lists are the aggregation of our opinion in conjunction with information gathered from interviewing people who live in these cities.