Travel Guide for Salt Lake City

Salt_Lake_City Travel Guide: where to go and what to see
On July 24, 1847, Mormon pioneer Brigham Young, with a band of Mormon followers, fought their way through Emigration Canyon to arrive into the Salt Lake Valley. Upon his arrival, he announced, "This is the place!". We agree. Salt Lake City is the place for beautiful cityscapes, a seasonal climate, outdoor activities and a vibrant culture. Nestled against the Wasatch Mountains, on the western edge of the Rockies, people have the convenience of the city along with unmatched access to the great outdoors. Most outdoor attractions are no more than 15 to 30 minutes away.

While Salt Lake City can hardly be considered a "foodie" town, there are some great places to explore for dining and drinks. Salt Lake's reputation of being a "dry" town or a hassle to enjoy mixed drinks, wine and beer has been well deserved. One the other hand, with recent relaxing of the laws governing alcohol, the overall experience is much brighter now.

To enjoy Salt Lake City, two thoughts come to mind: 1) to take advantage of the array of outdoor activities and 2) explore the many interesting attributes of the culture; a culture associated with being home-base to a large, influential religion.
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