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Indianapolis Day Trip — Parke County

Parke County, IN for Covered Bridges Why Go: Parke County claims 32 covered bridges, the largest collection of covered bridges in the country. There is a 50 mile scenic drive which includes these bridges. In addition, you can relive America's past by visiting the county's many restored historic buildings and communities. Rockville is the main town and the county seat but visits to Montezuma, Bridgeton, Mansfield, Mecca, Rosedale, Bellmore, Tangier and Marshall add to the county's charm.What you ...

Indianapolis Day Trip — Brown County

Brown County (for artsy, country living) & Brown County State Park (a.k.a. Nashville) Why Go: Brown County is a rural tourist destination that offers the day tripper a touch of Mother Nature. Enjoy the hills and forests of southern Indiana and the joy of visiting a small town famous for shops, art and antiques. This four season destination is a great get-a-way for a leisurely excursion from Indianapolis. The clock will tick a notch slower and you'll return with rural Hoosier pride. Remember ...

Indianapolis Day Trip - Bloomington

Bloomington, Indiana University, Oliver Winery and the Hoosier National Forest Why Go: Bloomington is Indiana's college town and so much more. Home to Indiana University with over 40,000 students, the university makes a profound impact on the city. There is a wide range of art, cultural events and venues associated with the University. A very cool downtown adjacent to the campus offers a plethora of shops, galleries, restaurants, bars and tours. The Bloomington area, located in the Indiana Hills ...