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Glowbal Grill Steaks & Satay

Glowbal Grill Steaks & Satay
1079 Mainland St
Vancouver BC V6B 5P9
This is a completely new kind of Yaletown dining lounge. At Society, opposites come together to create all-new pleasures. A vibrant, sultry space where casual nonchalance — the freshness of a favorite pair of jeans and a white tee — meets a subtle decadence that you simply won't find anywhere else in this city. A dining lounge where comfortable meets chic, warmth meets undeniable cool, light humour meets dark sensuality. This is a place where anything can happen. And believe us — it will. Even the menu reflects this union of opposites. It's comfort food with a twist — meatloaf with Kobe beef and truffle, shepherd's pie with buttery lobster — food designed to nurture and tantalize at once. And at the bar, you'll find the coldest handcrafted cocktails, and the hottest people in town. All in a room that celebrates the unexpected beautifully. Electric pink chandeliers hang over dark slate walls. Corrugated screens, shining with prisms of light. Pale gold at the table, deep indigo fabrics, shadowed booths. And the music will lead the experience, surprising, new, weaving into the alchemy of this place. Finally. A Vancouver restaurant where you truly never know what will happen next. We hope you're here when it goes down
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