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Joe's Grill

Joes Grill
948 Denman Street
Vancouver BC V6G 2M1
Three's a Charm When you're hankering for something simple and nourishing, a diner is a popular standby. The original Joe's Grill opened in 1993 in Kitsilano and is now a neighbourhood joint full of regulars. Following the diner's success, a second location was opened on Davie Street in the late 90s, and in 2006 the newest branch started serving customers along Denman. In all three cases, the active street life and custom of local resident patrons keeps the diners hopping. Breakfast is definitely Joe's claim to fame, not only because it's served all day, but because people swear that nothing takes the edge off last night's partying like a solid breakfast. The basic breakfast plates up bacon, ham or sausages, two eggs, pan fried potatoes and toast. Hungry? I am.
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